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Smarter communications for today's global workforce


Next generation global provider of cloud unified communications

Darbi, Inc. is a next generation global provider of cloud unified communications and on-premise collaboration solutions, bridging the gap between OTT communications and carrier grade service. We give businesses the freedom to choose from a flexible and cost-effective cloud solution for companies looking to scale their communications quickly, as well as a streamlined integration with than legacy on-premise systems for companies that prefer to manage their communications solutions in-house. We also offer an innovative hybrid solution that leverages the benefits of both cloud and on-premise integration.


Our expert consultants ensure that you are getting the most out of your Darbi experience.

Darbi solutions empower today’s mobile and distributed workforces to enjoy secure, high quality communications anywhere and on any device through voice, video, group messaging, collaboration, text, conferencing, and file sharing. Darbi is an open platform that integrates seamlessly with today’s leading business apps while giving customers the tools to configure their own workflows.


Leading Telecom Providers

We are engaging leading telecom providers and enterprises across the world to improve and streamline their communications, keeping their employees connected and provide a better experience for customers. Darbi is headquartered in Irvine, California.

Our Technology

Modernizing telecom providers and enterprises with new adaptive technology:

  • Built on Erlang OTP platform (same as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) enabling the technology to scale to millions of calls.

  • Multi-Tenant communication solution

  • Supports SIP, E1, T1 and ISDN Trunks.

  • Able to communicate to and from Analog, SIP, H232, ISDN, Soft Client endpoints.

  • Leverages IP infrastructure to send network traffic in conjunction with traditional telecom infrastructure to reduce operational costs, and provide a pathway to modernize.

  • Highly customizable solution for seeking adjacent verticals— that is, providing branded content, financial services, lifestyle services, and e-commerce services through our communication solution as an ancillary business.

  • Supports SIP, E1, Able to provide HD Video Conferencing to telecom companies who can then offer solutions to corporate clients. and ISDN Trunks.

  • APIs for third-party app integration to build value-adding features on our telecom solution (ex: AI Powered Analytics Suite)

  • APIs for third-party app integration to build value-adding features on our telecom solution (ex: AI Powered Analytics Suite)

Choose the solution that makes the most sense for your business.

Cloud Based

Get connected quickly and easily. Darbi makes setting up a phone system for your business seem as simple as being the admin for a email group. Simple add and manage phone numbers, users, phones, voicemail boxes, and much more.


Optimize your existing infrastructure with the addition of a redundant, multi-server data center solution, ready for onsite implementation. We give you the tools to configure your own workflows and tailor the solution to meet your business needs.


Implement a mix of cloud and on-premise functionality for maximum flexibility in your deployment. Interface your local telecom trunk, using an on premise solution while the rest lives in the cloud. The possibilities are endless with our Darbi Solutions.